Liturgical Ministries

  • Altar Servers

    Young people in grade three and above who have made their first holy communion are eligible to serve in this ministry. We will work around your schedule and you can choose which Masses you serve and how often.  Please call the office to find out more or to volunteer - 410-867-2059.

  • Eucharistic Ministers
  • Confirmed adults, age 16 and over, are eligible to serve in this important ministry.  Eucharistic Ministers may assist the priest by giving Communion either at Mass or to shut-ins.  Some of our ministers serve only at Mass, some serve only shut-ins and some do both.  People who answer the call to this very rewarding ministry will receive training and may serve as often or as seldom as they want. Please talk to Fr. Mark if you would like to be considered for this position.

  • Lectors
  • All teenagers and adults are welcome to join the Lector Ministry. Students still in elementary and middle school may also volunteer through the Religious Education Program (Catholic School students should contact Mary Catherine Haines at 410 867 1941 to volunteer) to read at the 9:00 am Sunday Masses. Duties are to proclaim the two readings at Sunday Mass and on holy days as well as to read the Prayer of the Faithful and to give the announcements after the Prayer After Communion.

    Serving as a lector offers a unique opportunity for volunteers to share in making the Word of God accessible to everyone in the Parish. Lectors typically serve one Sunday per month at the Mass of their choice. Please call Mary Morris at 410-867-7587 to volunteer and to arrange a convenient time for orientation and training. Mary can also be contacted by e-mail at

  • Ushers
  • Ushers are responsible for welcoming parish members, making them feel comfortable in the church by seating them and attending to their needs, directing people at communion, taking up the offering, passing out the church bulletin, helping in emergencies, and aiding the clergy.  Anyone interested in becoming an usher should speak to one of the the ushers at any Mass.

  • Greeters
  • Anyone of any age can be a greeter.  It can be done by an individual, a few friends, or a whole family.  Greeters will be positioned at the entrances of the church to welcome all who enter.  It would also be nice for greeters to wish a blessed day to people as they leave.  If you're interested in volunteering for this new ministry please email Mary Catherine Haines or call her at 410-867-1941