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Thank you very much for agreeing to share in the Confirmation process.  The candidate chose you after reflecting on the qualities needed in a good sponsor.  It is an honor and a responsibility.  Use this as an opportunity to grow in your own relationship with Christ while challenging the candidate to do the same.

We have asked the candidates to meet with their sponsors at least twice throughout the preparation process.  Please take every opportunity though to share your faith in whatever way you can.  Long distance meetings may be done over the phone.  Click here for a suggested format for your discussions.

Please be sure to complete the Sponsor Form.  Please have it signed by the pastor of your parish (except OLOS parishioners). 

Check this page later for more information about events leading up to Confirmation.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch with our Director of Religious Education, Mary Catherine Haines
410-867-1941 -